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Effective Mediation

Looking for an experienced mediator with a track record of enabling parties to achieve settlement?

Mediation is a cost-effective way to resolve disputes using a neutral, third-party who facilitates the exploration of issues and solutions. Settlement moves clients from tension to relief; from deadlock to forward movement.

I work with clients to understand the key issues and what is needed to move on.  I am able to have the tough conversations at the right time to help get a deal done.

What I do

Mediating different cases across diverse sectors

Commercial disputes

Experienced in two-party and multi-party disputes, my above-average settlement rate reflects a collaborative approach. I work effectively with every party to create a safe space where they can assess settlement options.

Employment disputes

When the employer/employee relationship has come to an end, I help both parties to agree an outcome that enables both to move on and to close an often difficult chapter as humanely as possible.

Workplace disputes

I support colleagues, who find themselves struggling to communicate effectively, to express and hear the key issues from one another and to move into a mutually-beneficial and constructive working relationship.

Wills, Trust and Probate disputes

I work with individuals and families in a careful and sensitive manner to explore all aspects of a situation. This enables parties to negotiate an agreement that brings the dispute to a close.



Based on annual caseload 2019-2020


Average settlement rate on the day

CEDR Biennial Mediation Audit 2018

What I do

Effective online mediation

Podcast 1 Can rapport still be built effectively?

I talk about how to develop effective rapport online and highlight some additional aspects of preparation which are absolutely key.

Podcast 2 How does the process differ from in-person mediation?

In this podcast I explore some unique advantages of online mediation and how to use the technology to optimise the process for both private and joint sessions.

Podcast 3 What are the pros and cons?

I talk about how to avoid common pitfalls and how to mitigate some perceived disadvantages.  I also highlight why online mediation can be a positive choice.

How I do it

Guiding principles





Instilling confidence and trust enables tough conversations at the right time in order to get a deal done.

I have a deep commitment to help parties find effective solutions and I am tenacious about enabling settlement.

I understand the cost of conflict to people and organisations. I listen for the deeper concerns.

I take time to communicate clearly and with mutuality. I can pivot quickly to adapt to changing circumstances.

Defendant Solicitor

“Helped reach agreement in a very tricky and politically sensitive matter.”


“Enabled us to draw a line under past difficulties and move forward in a genuine way.”

Claimant Solicitor

“You again performed admirably in settling a dispute that I felt was unlikely to settle.”

Clients include

Why Me

Proven track record

I have a proven track record since 2005 of successful mediations in sectors as diverse as Education, Healthcare, Policing, Government, Media, Business, Arts, Charities and Religious organisations.

My above-average settlement rate across over 130 cases, reflects my skill and commitment to achieving results. I offer clients expertise, clarity and confidence.

More than 450 Clients

More than 130 Cases