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Creative Facilitation

Do you need expertise to address team performance, communication or conflict within a team?

I work with senior teams who are looking to get to the next level of excellence.

Whether you need support with increasing team cohesion or delivering an ambitious business plan, I explore with you and your team your desired outcomes, then co-design a process to enable you to achieve them.

Delivering the right intervention for your team

Values-based team charter

Even if teams have been working together for years, they often do not explore what is most important to them. I enable teams to co-create the optimal environment to maximise individual and group impact.

Business plan development

I support teams to set ambitious goals and map out how to close the gap between current reality and desired future. An engaged team, clear about their objectives, boosts employee engagement, productivity and retention.

Maximising meeting effectiveness

How often do you sit in a meeting and wonder what the point is in being there? I work with teams to design a meeting structure which will increase the individual contributions as well as group effectiveness.

Addressing conflict effectively

Research tells us that well-managed conflict in teams is essential for effective decision making (Cornell University, 2000). I help teams to build trust, enabling discussion of difficult topics in a fruitful way.

Do you need expertise to address team performance?

I take great care in listening to what team members want to achieve and in supporting them to clearly define their desired outcomes as a group.

Then I work collaboratively with you to design an engaging, impactful session that meets your needs and delivers results.

Robert Arnott

Gillian’s support was outstanding. She took considerable trouble to understand our context and worked deftly to help us take the group to a good outcome.

Ian Dow

Gillian led a fantastic process that clearly established the range of positions and empowered a discussion on the best way forward

Colin Moulds

Gillian has proved herself to be invaluable in bringing focus, attention to detail, flexibility and understanding to groups in conflict and those seeking facilitation.

Worked with leading pioneers




My practice has been honed through training with leading pioneers of the facilitation world and through delivering impactful sessions with senior teams across a variety of cultures and institutions.

I have been invited by the Archbishop of Canterbury to work as a facilitator on national initiatives – Shared Conversations on Human Sexuality and In Good Faith events.