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Thoughtful Coaching

Are you interested in exploring your thoughts and reactions to find a better way of being? 

Better conversations with others often start from better conversations with yourself. 

I work with you to understand what is really important to you and to support you in exploring how to make conscious choices about how you talk to yourself and others in order to achieve better outcomes.

Coaching  for different purposes

Conflict Coaching

Are you struggling to communicate with a co-worker, boss, or direct report? Has this impacted your well-being? We will look at things from different perspectives and develop a strategy for dealing with the challenge.

Coaching for transitions

Starting something new is an opportunity to develop a fresh approach appropriate to the unique situation. We will explore your key objectives and a plan to deliver each one with me providing supportive accountability.

Moving to concious responses

Sometimes we bang our proverbial heads against the same old wall as we find ourselves in repeating difficult situations. Together we look for the door to go through that gets you to better outcomes.

Enhancing personal effectiveness

A solution-focused rather than a problem-saturated approach will enable you maximise your potential. This might sound like a clichéd phrase but it genuinely describes my expectation.

Do you want to find a better way of being?

I come into the coaching relationship with a compassionate, non-judgemental and optimistic mindset. I help you to discern the core issues at stake through active listening and by asking thoughtful and thought-provoking questions. I also offer supportive accountability. 

As a result, you will identify purposeful goals in line with your desired, positive future. You will feel more enlightened and empowered to do things differently. This virtuous circle leads to increased satisfaction from accomplishing different results.

Lucy Winter

Gillian has equipped me with the skills and confidence to explore in depth my style of leadership. I will be forever grateful.

Dr Keith Brent

Gillian is sensitive, flexible, and imaginative.
I learned that change is possible

Coaching Feedback

I have developed knowledge in methods and theories that have supported my professional and personal development

Experienced and supportive

I have been effectively coaching individuals and groups since 1999. I hold a Certificate of Professional Development in Advanced Transformational Coaching endorsed by ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management).

I have a strong personal ethos about development and learning. I know first-hand the value coaching can bring having worked with high-quality coaches for my own development.  I’m always looking for ways to continually grow through supervision and by expanding my knowledge and understanding.

Number of Clients

Years in coaching