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About me

Why do I do what I do?

The world needs more good quality conversations.

Whether it is a knotty problem to solve, a desire to achieve excellence or the motivation to be a better you, I help you to have better conversations to realise your desired outcome.

Why?  I believe that better conversations have the power to transform attitudes, behaviours, situations and relationships. We can bring about powerful change together – it starts by talking differently and listening better.

My professional trajectory


University of Cambridge

From an early age I was fascinated about how others communicate. I read Modern and Medieval Languages and my year abroad working for the British Council was spent sampling the many delights of Italy.


Business Experience at Mars Inc

I worked in national, European and global roles for Mars Inc across a variety of business areas. I had the honour of reporting directly to the Mars family who have run the business for over five generations. 

2006 - present

Mediator and Lead Faculty at CEDR

After I completed my training as a mediator, I was invited to join the prestigious CEDR panel of mediators. I love the diversity of my work and find immense satisfaction in helping people to generate solutions.

Years of mediation Experience

years of facilitation experience

Years of coaching experience

years of training experience

My personal values





I believe that everyone matters and deserves to be heard. I begin each client relationship with unconditional positive regard.

I believe that we all have the capacity to choose to think, feel or act differently and, if we are willing to, we can achieve different and better results.

I believe that conflict is a normal (and potentially healthy) part of human interaction. We can all grow into working with difference more effectively.

I believe that intentional and empathic listening can create profound change. I have seen its power as a catalyst for reflection and development.