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Better Conversations Better Outcomes

What could a better conversation do for you?

Better Conversations Better Outcomes

What would a better outcome be for you?

Better Conversations Better Outcomes

What could you achieve with new solutions?

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Hello I am Gillian mediator, facilitator and coach

My mission as a mediator is to create a space where parties can find fresh ways to move from what is often a negative, hopeless or angry space to a place of resolution, relief and forward momentum.

As a facilitator, I love working creatively with senior teams who want to become the best version of themselves, solve a particular challenge or to deliver an ambitious goal.

When I coach, I’m supporting talented professionals to become high-impact leaders who are courageous, innovative and bring more of themselves to whatever they do.

Effective Mediation

Looking for an experienced mediator with a track record of enabling parties to achieve settlement?

Creative Facilitation

Do you need expertise to address performance, communication or conflict within a team?

Thoughtful Coaching

Are you interested in exploring your thoughts and reactions to find a better way of being?

Mediation Feedback - Paul Gilroy

Inclusive approach, understated tenacity, and meticulous preparatory work

Facilitation Feedback - Colin Moulds

Invaluable in bringing focus, attention to detail, flexibility and understanding to groups.

Coaching Feedback - Lucy Winter

I have become a much stronger, confident and able leader.